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We recently used Margie Halem as our agent to sell our apartment. She's a real pro. We had a wonderful experience. She is knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with, and helped us get the result that we wanted. We would definitely use her again!

Silvia and Greg Koss

You really can't find a better real estate agent than Margie - she and her staff did a great job of helping us sell our house, from doing the background research on the market, through staging and holding an open house, the inspection process, and negotiating with the buyers. She's clearly the best!

Michael and Lisa Firestone

Our experience with Margie was wonderful. For every question she had an answer, for every judgement call she had sage counsel and for every piece of work that needed to be done she had a contact. Margie and her team truly are a one stop shop. I preach the gospel of Margie and will recommend her to  all of my friends and family!

Neil and Stacey Leibowitz

Margie Halem is the very best, definitely a top agent. She is extremely responsive, competent, and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with her - also a very affable and a friendly person. Knows the market like none other and very efficiently follows up with the prospective buyers. I would strongly recommend her, and if overly busy, that she is, any other agent from her group, under her guided supervision could be just as good. Absolutely a terrific person and truly a professional to work with

Sushma Ganguly

This is the second home Margie and her team sold for us. Both above asking price ! And amazingly both in a day ! She is diligent, knows the market, very connected and organized. She and her team took care of everything from A to Z. I highly recommend Margie and her team

Fred and Rhoda Shulman

Margie is very knowledgeable about the area and the sales process. She was very responsive and even helped us find a rental house as we were selling our house. I would definitely recommend her as a real estate agent.

John and Nia Cresham

My house received an offer from the buyer 2 days within being listed. Because of a medical situation, Margie came to me in health care placement. She handled the sale of my house, so I could concentrate on getting better. The process could not have been any smoother for me.

Russell Zepp

Margie originally served as our buyers' agent in 2004 when we bought our current home. When we decided to build last year, we went straight to Margie to serve as our representative with the contractor. And we're now in the process of selling our home, and Margie has been working with us closely to  prepare the house for market, position it with buyers and now, happily, to close on a purchase. Of all of the skills required to be a successful realtor, Margie excels in having extraordinary depth of knowledge about the market she covers and really honed negotiation skills. It's no surprise she's among the top 1% of Long and Foster realtors nationwide!

Sarah Kambou
Laurie and I utilized Margie’s services to purchase our house in the Lakelands in July of 2013.  We had interviewed 3 other agents prior to selecting Margie and although each seemed very knowledgeable and experienced it became very apparent after our initial meeting with Margie that she was the perfect person to find us our next house.   She had excellent knowledge of the housing market in general, was very familiar with all the areas we were interested in looking, had a great understanding of current trends but maybe more important was her willingness to gain an in-depth understanding of exactly what we were looking for.  And I can tell you, we were very particular.  We were not willing to make a move unless we felt everything on our list for our new house was checked off.
Margie showed us numerous houses and never wasted our time.  We never walked out of a house and wondered why she brought us there.  Because of her vast network and research she brought us to a house that was going to be put up for sale but not quite yet.  The house seemed okay but we really weren’t excited about it and moved on.  She continued to show us other houses.  Two weeks later Margie insisted we go back to the house that was not quite ready to be put on the market.  Laurie and I wondered why but we agreed to.   Here we are 7 months later living in that house and thoroughly enjoying our purchase.
This is where Margie’s experience and listening to our original desires really paid off.  The first time we walked through the house it had bright paint colors that totally turned us off.  It had too much furniture in many rooms.  It had ornaments hanging from ceilings and walls.  All though this might have been fine for the current owners, but it left a negative impression with us.  We couldn’t see the forest through the trees.   When we came through the second time it was a totally different house.  Neutral paint colors, less clutter and furniture and nothing hanging from ceilings.  Margie obviously talked with the owners and made them aware of some of the short comings and impressions from our first visit.  If not for her willingness to make these recommendations based on her years of experience and her insistence that we return to that house we never would have purchased the “perfect” house with all the items checked off that we talked about in our initial meeting.
The only other thing I will add is that during the entire process including settlement Margie and her team were extremely helpful and very diligent.  We were leaving the country for 2 weeks and she stayed on top of everything to ensure all paperwork between parties was expedited and always correct.  Her professionalism and upbeat personality made the entire process very positive.
Alan Shulman, VP Trilogyts

Working with Margie Halem is a true joy! I just completed my 4th transaction with Margie and enjoyed every bit of the process! Margie is a true professional with prompt accurate responses to your every question! She makes the deal fun and less nerve wracking since buying and/or selling your home can be a stressful process. Margie and her team were fantastic!

Jamie Baraff, Cumulus Media

Margie always went above and beyond her duties as an agent.  She helped us through a very busy real estate season and was always available whenever we needed her.  We have bought many homes before & have never received the kind of excellent service that Margie provided.

Tracy & Joe Ucuzoglu, Deloitte
If you are looking to buy a house, Margie and her team (particularly Amy Gordon) are the way to go! She is extremely knowledgeable and her strong negotiation skills make you glad she's on your side! She was very helpful throughout the whole process and did an excellent job of representing us. We couldn't have done this without her and recommend her to everybody who's looking to buy or sell a house.
We thank you for the large amount of effort you put in towards helping us buy our dream house. Without you both, the negotiations would not have gone well. We definitely could not have done this without you both and we will recommend you to all our friends!
Hai Lin and Lin Zhou

We recently sold a home of 44 years in Potomac, MD. When we went looking for a real estate agent Margie Halem was recommended. We were told that “she is the best with an outstanding track record”. The recommendations were more than valid. During the sales process when actions demanded it she went the extra mile to solve each problem to our satisfaction. Her experience showed through the entire process. We recommend her highly to anyone looking for a true professional in real estate sales.

Marty & Doris Zimmerman

You were an enormous help to us in identifying useful improvements while avoiding unnecessary changes. When we did list the house, it sold within a week. And when the buyer encountered appraisal and financing difficulties, you guided us through the process to close the deal. Above all Margie, you were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.

Steve & Jan Karker

Despite choosing to sell my home in Bethesda in a down market, and in the fall of the year, Margie managed to make this process very smooth for me. She worked tirelessly to move my home, keeping me advised every step of the way on what to do, how to price my house, and how to stage it properly. In addition to doing all of the painful detail work of selling, Margie was there to help me with things like utilities, finding contractors to do repairs, etc. I would definitely call Margie Halem again if I wanted to sell my home--she is efficient, hardworking, totally honest, and a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Melissa Means

Our sales person-Margie Halem and her staff were excellent! Great experience. We will use Margie and her staff again. Margie is simply a top-notch agent and a quality person. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the service she provided us. From the day we met her, she worked tirelessly to identify our home needs, help us find a home when offerings were limited, and took great care to make sure every detail was covered to allow us to get to closing. Furthermore, she was always available to answer questions and return calls in a timely manner. Margie even answered her cell phone while at an Orioles game! That’s what we call service! Her attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Every interaction we had with her was a positive experience.

Carl & Susan Hayashi

As a real estate attorney, I deal with thousands of agents, and therefore I'm in a unique position to appreciate the efforts which Margie put forth to assist all parties to an amicable and successful conclusion to my real estate transaction. Margie made certain that all parties to the transaction were treated fairly, kept informed, and explained every possibility and option for avoiding misunderstandings. I have always had a great appreciation and respect for the quality of Margie’s services, but before, I had not had personal experience with her on a transaction of my own. I know Margie did not get rich on this transaction, but my wife and I appreciate her competence, courtesy, and friendship throughout this process.

Jim Savitz, Attorney

Long & Foster is only as good as its salespeople and Margie Halem was great. I have dealt with many realtors in the past and recently and her professionalism is what was so impressive. She was honest, knowledgeable and efficient. Her ability to put together a transaction that was mutually satisfying to all parties involved was a testament to her sensitivity and capabilities. She knows the art of the deal! Her non-pushy attitude coupled with constant follow ups and timely updates were a perfect combination. I have highly recommended her to everyone I know.

Annette R. Miller

I would have to borrow the Maxwell House Coffee's "good to the last drop" phrase. Margie, your office people and you were there till the bitter end even though it took us almost two long years to find a house. Margie was patient, courteous, friendly and true to her words. I would truly like to thank Margie for putting up with my wife and I till the bitter or should I say till the sweet and wonderful end. We are very happy with our purchase and would strongly recommend Margie to anyone who is in the market whether they are purchasing or selling.

John Lee, (sold in Potomac Glen, Purchased in Avenel)

Beware of working with Margie as you may end up wanting to be her neighbor and/or friend. She’s not only talented as a professional, she is a lovely person, as well.

Cliff M. Blondes, Esq.

We would love to thank you for all you did for us! We appreciate the time, effort, and genuine interest you and your team took for us to find our dream house. Your enthusiasm and constant encouragement got us through tough times! People like you make people like us extremely grateful. We look forward to seeing you at our new home soon. Rememeber: Without you we would be homeless. People always said that this should be the most fun part and you and your team really made that the case for Mugdha and me. We would have had a much rougher (and likely less enjoyable) time if it wasn't for you! 

Mugda & Jay Tipnis

Margie is the best! She told us exactly what to do to get our house ready for sale, and we followed her advice to the letter. Our house showed beautifully, and we had our first contract after four days on the market. On day five, we had a second contract and sold our house. She provided unending  support throughout the entire process of the sale of our Rockville house and the purchase of our new house (thank you, Margie!) If you want your house to show well and sell quickly, you need Margie. When she tells you what to do to get your house ready and what price she suggests, pay attention and just accept her vast knowledge and expertise. We did, and it paid off for us! We would highly recommend her for your home sale or home purchase.

Greg and Julie Gesterling

Lori Silverman- I seriously don't have the words to thank you. You're energy, sense of calmness, your calm tempered personality, your love, kindness and heart is out of this world. There is nobody else I would have wanted to share and help assist me with this life changing event. I appreciate you dealing with me and the fact that my life has been crazy busy. My mom, the kids and I adore you. So do Baba and Jason. We love you and THANK YOU. 

Jaleh Naz Neal

Margie Halem is a great real estate agent. She helped us sell the house from the beginning to the end. She is very smart and reliable. She made herself accessible all the time, by phone or by email. She was very responsive to our questions and requests. She was knowledgeable about the local market and advised us how to make the house attractive to the buyers. We will recommend her to anyone who is planning to sell or buy a house in general Rockville areas, especially in the Willow of Potomac or nearby communities. 

PT Kuo

Margie's personal and professional qualities made us confident in her abilities and her advice. She was always available, reliable and caring.  Margie was very helpful in guiding us through the process minimizing stress. It was a pleasure to work with Margie.

Renee Loeb

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